The Plot In You have released their new single “Feel Nothing” music video.

“We are stoked to announce that we have signed to Fearless Records.
Check out our new music video for ‘Feel Nothing'”

  • The Plot In You

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Song lyrics:┬áThe Plot In You – Feel Nothing

Before I say another word just know that my intentions were pure, but you can’t stand to be in silence, all you can hear is your own voice, fueling delusion in you and I’m just so sick of backing down that I might just spill it all, and if I do you won’t be coming back without a deep scar in your soul, are you not sick of playing playing games, sick of giving blame, sick of f**king living like the world has never given you a life defining day, and I can’t relate, and I feel nothing for you, I feel it’s too late, I’ve buried this and it’s evident you won’t change, I feel nothing for you
My mind is torn, I hate it but I long to feel what I felt before, but you just keep moving towards me, what do I do what do I say, can you kindly just refrain, what’s here for me, why hide the truth, that I feel nothing for you, broke away but you’re starving for closure, seem together but you know that I know ya, know this is real, this is real