American post hardcore Sworn In have posted on their official page about celebrating the latest album 2 years ago. And, good news for you. Sworn In also announced, they will release new album that you can get in summer 2017!

Happy 2 year birthday to The Lovers/The Devil. Any of you that have followed us since early on know that we have always tried something new with every release to try and better ourselves as musicians and find our sound.
We released our first CD, The Death Card, as 17 year old teenagers. TL/TD came out when we were all 19. This CD we really wanted to speak for who we were at the time, and to have you all relate to us and our sound as we grew up meant the world. Naturally, we have changed as people since it was released two years ago. We have grown up a lot and realized what styles from both CDs really represents Sworn In’s sound and message to not only us, but to you guys. We couldn’t be more excited for you to hear what Sworn In has become now that we are finally adults. Its been a wild ride and we could thank you more for supporting us through every stage of it.
Get ready for the heaviest, most memorable, and most mature Sworn In record you have heard this summer. ALBUM 3 COMING SOON.

Sworn In current members:

  • Tyler Dennen (vocal)
  • Eugene Kamlyuk (guitar)
  • Zakary Gibson (guitar)
  • Derek Bolman (bass)
  • Chris George (drum)

The Lovers/ The Devil is a concept album, the album is a two-part CD. The first seven songs are The Lovers and the last six songs are The Devil.

The album is about a relationship and shows the guy and girls side of the relationship. The male figure is a obsessed, romantic, and emotional unstable. While the female is very cold-hearted/bitter/distanced.

As the CD progress you get more in-depth of both of the male and female minds. When you get to the half way point of the CD, the roles reverse.

Olilioxinfree is the fourth song off Sworn In’s The Lovers/ The Devil.

When you read the lyrics and listen to the song you can start to see the male figure is starting to progress into ‘The Devil’ and how emotional unstable he is.