O yeah! It’s Saturday…

Do you have plans for this weekend? if you want to adventure, set up a playlist of Best 10 Pop Punk Songs for Traveling

Well, if you’re lazy to go anywhere, at home it does not matter, really. You can listen to pop-rock music of the most fun this year, and that we recommend is the latest album from The Summer Set “Stories For Monday” was just released in early April.

From the title of the album, it was already implied in your head that the songs on this album are contained about anything that can be done on Sunday.

First, Figure Me Out song!

The next song is The Night is Young

The Summer Set makes the title ‘The Night is Young’ of course its about life in the reality, especially at the weekend that the youngsters to hang out, party, or whatever.

Missin’ You

SATURDAY YOU WILL GO OUT, HAVE FUN, AND YOU WILL NOT TEXT, throw away your gadget to the trash and let’s dancing!

Track 4th, Jean Jacket

Cause when I put on my jean jacket
I still think about you
Hey where did you go?

Next, All My Friends

Invite your friends to join, just to makes a small camp behind the house. Cheers! Celebrate togetherness

Change Your Mind

Ah, this song is nice

Midnight teen a booth in the corner, members only
Talking s**t with your friends
All your friends

7th track All Downhill From Here


Jump to the left, jump to the right
Put your hands up and don’t ask why
Point to your friends, point to the sky
Don’t get down, get down tonight

This is not about play poker, All In is catchy song by The Summer Set!

Wherever it goes I’m all in, all in
Wherever it goes, wherever it goes
Wherever it goes, I’m all in

Wonder Years 

great pre-chorus, awesome!

We’re the reckless hearts, with lucky stars
Never fall apart, that’s the way we are

When The Party End

The sign when the party will end, ooops.

But I don’t know, know what happens
When we all go, oh, what’s waiting on the other side?
Just give me a hint tonight

And tell me where you wanna go
Baby, when the party ends
Even when our memory fades, the world stops
We can’t hardly wait to grow old

And the last song Wasted

“Growing up can make you stupid / but we do the best we can”