Band deathcore asal Australia MAKE THEM SUFFER merilis lagu baru berjudul ETHER,

Make The Suffer is :

  • Sean Harmanis
  • Nick McLernon
  • Lachlan Monty
  • Chris Arias-Real
  • Tim Madden
  • Louisa Burton


There’s nothing left of you.
so when I left the loop,
what were you trying to prove?
You’re skin and bones crumbling.
But now the cloud are parting.

With blue skies and endless heights,
so just fill your lungs and breathe.

Slow it down, just wait.
Take some time to question life
while you’re young and learning.
Take it slow, just stay.
I know it’s hard but moving fast,
you’re going to miss the journey.

Death embrace me, Izanami take me.
Life embrace me, Izanagi take me home.

Take me home.
The earth is c

Make The Suffer adalah band deathcore asal Perth, Australia, yang saat ini bernaung di Rise Records dan Roadrunner Records Australia. Debut mereka Neverbloom meraih No. 56 ARIA Album chart Juni 2012, meraih no. 42 dan 19 di Victoria dan Western Australia Album chart respectively.