Have you ever heard of the band: Fire From the Gods? Okay, whataver your answer, so lets we discuss this metalcore band!

Fire From the Gods origin from Austin, Texas, US. They record Label: Rise Records, and debut album “Narrative” release date: 26 August 2016.


There are some great songs!


  1. Name Artist Time Price
  2. Public Enemy
  3. End Transmission
  4. Excuse Me
  5. Composition
  6. Evolve
  7. Pretenders
  8. Diversion
  9. In Spite of Doubt
  10. Lifeline
  11. Into the Blue

Short discription about the band :

Free from hate. Free from pain Free to choose our own path!



  • AJ Channer – vocals
  • Jameson Teat – guitar
  • Drew Walker – guitar
  • Bonner Baker – bass
  • Richard Wicander – drums

Fire From the Gods bring heavy metal power! But, you

Speaking from a platform cast in heavy metal power, You will not find a lot of music in this genre before, because they add hip-hop consciousness, and even a little reggae spirit, cool!

The vocalist, AJ Channer was born in the Bronx to a single mother of Jamaican descent, and he spent his childhood among London, New York, LA, Norfolk, and even Ghana. Lots of experience, he speak with unmitigated honesty about the state of the world.


Here we go, you need to listen recommended songs

This song is called: End Transmission by Fire From the Gods

Fire From The Gods – Excuse Me (Official Music Video)

Do you need more aggresive metalcore song by Fire From The Gods? check this

 Fire From The Gods – Pretenders