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American alternative rock band Stolas have announced their self-titled album “Stolas” will be released on March 17, 2017. And recently, the band have just release single “Bellwether” music video, cool song!

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”dcwyt3oQYSA” width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″]

Song lyrics:

What does this mean?
A constant begging for wanting and greed
They couldn’t make themselves happy
So they conjured together sinister objectives
To strategize their plans
In an office where we couldn’t see
They get another chance
To leave people like you and me
Over and over their money makes us weak
Stopping just before it’s late
And ripping from the seams
Exposing spine
Cover up the bone, the truth
Their words are spitting knives
I shut my eyes
I shut my eyes
I know what this means
A folly with reason deceased
Keeping trends comatose
Spreading soul through the dirt a way to convert
Minds to cycle
They want to leave us for money and greed
When we’re gone they’ll still need what they need
To leave people like you and me
Over and Over their money makes us weak
Underground where they can’t be seen
Like cultivating minds they plant trees
In soil they will grow
Become demons, shed the skin
Reveal eyes glowing bright
Their words could speak to gods
Between heavens and the earth
Like creature-created, clotted beings
They’re animals with pitted minds
With eyes glowing bright
Hidden messages are all the same
We’re talking like it’s just a game
Why do I shut my eyes?
Why have we become so blind?
Patterns carry on to generate
A culture that we can’t escape
I just shut my eyes
I guess I’ll just shut my eyes
Created faces on
Some chance to divert the skies
Nothing has changed

About the band:

Stolas started playing music on August 17th, 2011. They have been touring and writing ever since. The band consist of members:

  • Carlo Marquez – Drums/ Lead Vocals
  • RJ Reynolds – Bass
  • Sergio Medina – Guitar/Vocals