Northlane just announced the surprise release of their fourth full-length album “Mesmer” via UNFD on March 24, 2017. It follows the group’s slight departure from their metalcore roots and towards a more alternative and experimental sound, as established on their previous release, Node.

We are proud to announce that our new album Mesmer is out now worldwide as a CD, LP, tape and via digital services. It is a true pleasure to be able to deliver something as important as a new album directly to our fans first and foremost. Mesmer, which was produced by David Bendeth, includes “Intuition” and “Citizen”. We will very shortly be explaining a lot more about the album and answering your questions on Facebook Live.


Mesmer tracklisting:

1. “Citizen” 4:24
2. “Colourwave” 3:41
3. “Savage” 4:39
4. “Solar” 3:16
5. “Heartmachine” 4:04
6. “Intuition” 3:51
7. “Zero-One” 3:57
8. “Fade” 3:58
9. “Render” 3:56
10. “Veridian” 3:25
11. “Paragon” 4:23