Cool song is here!

Irish alternative rock band Fangclub release new single “Follow” music video.

This song taken from EP “Dreamcatcher”.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”CG_5E3GUCKA” width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″]

About the band:

Fangclub is

  • Steven King,
  • Kevin Keane,
  • Dara Coleman

“Grungy 90’s riffs over a throbbing pop heart, they’re a deafening feedback loop of leather and amp stacks with a sugary sweet edge.”

“What a stormer! My featured artist of the week last week. Fangclub! ‘Bullet Head’.”

“Fangclub, you should check them out, they are really really good, we really liked playing that”

“Well, Fang Club are here to bring the rage and they’re doing a bang-up job of it. The grunge outfit from County Dublin have packed an awful lot of noise into their two-minute single Bullet Head and it is just glorious.”

“Bullet Head spends all of 123 seconds blasting your skull with a bludgeoning grunge rock riff that’ll make you want to hit repeat.”

“Amphetamined, take no prisoners rock with pop hooks that Brian Wilson would be proud of,” is how Hot Press previously described Steven and his bandmates, and we’re sticking to it.

“The fabulous Fangclub are a band who are bringing back guitar-laden sounds, rebelling against the electro blips and making some great tunes besides.”

“No-nonsense poppy hooks over punishing riffs……The time is now to bare your teeth and join the club.”

“Fangclub win you over with their sheer enthusiasm and infectious melodies…… That initial ripple Fangclub have caused in the pond is set to become a tsunami.

“This is a band you want to see in a small venue that’s been packed up to the rafters, their music echoing and pouring out into the streets. Their music is about a “moment”, mainly, that beautiful and wonderful moment where you feel like the world outside of the venue has ceased to exist.”

“Sometimes I just want to rock out to something charged. Fangclub have provided me with just that at just the right time”

“Stripped back and very together, echoing early Foo Fighters or Greenday……a great sign of things to come from these!”