The White Noise announce their upcoming album “AM/PM” will be released on June 23, 2017. The band recently reveal new single “Bite Marks” music video.

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Song lyrics: The White Noise – Bite Marks

don’t you know you’ve had enough? don’t you know theres nothing left?
everybody wants to hold the wheel, but never steer it
everybody wants to take a hand, then never heal it
you tied me up so out of control
no you told me no, but when its red you go
you don’t let go
bright red lips just like last time
caught in a web as i close my eyes
sinking your teeth into me. let me bleed
dying to get to you. i feel so black and blue
sharpened your teeth on the weak, now i’m so black and blue
don’t you know enough’s enough, but here I am under your breath
if everybody got to see what you do to me i’d pack a bag catch a train and never leave
bright red lips just like last time
feel the sweat drip down your neck. with seconds left i’ll make you do the rest

AM/PM tracklisting:

  1. Innocent Until Birth
  2. Bite Marks
  3. Picture Day
  4. The Best Songs Are Dead
  5. I Lost My Mind (In California)
  6. Rated R… ft. Landon Tewers
  7. All Drugs Go To Heaven
  8. Montreal
  9. 24 Hour Revenge Therapy
  10. Sunspots

Southern CA’s The White Noise consist of members: Shawn Walker (vocals), David Southern (guitar, vocals), Josh Strock (guitar), Bailey Crego (bass), and Tommy West (drums). The post-hardcore band have launched an audio assault onto the scene with their brand of kinetic, heavy-hitting tunes, packing a high dose of punk aesthetic. A hyperactive blend of aggressive verses, melodic choruses, and Walker’s acidic vocals give the band a raw and explosive edge. With the release of their debut EP Aren’t You Glad? the band introduced their erratic, anything-goes style that sets them apart and never pulls back the intensity, which has already landed them tours with artists like Dance Gavin Dance, Enter Shikari, I Prevail, and more.