This band is awesome!

Under the Fearless Record, you can certainly imagine the music created by The White Noise. Of course, the band brings alternative rock music, post-hardcore, hardcore-punk, energetic hard rock.

Check this one first: The White Noise – Picture Day

The White Noise is

  • Shawn Walker (Vocals),
  • David Southern (Guitar, Vocals),
  • Josh Strock (Guitar),
  • Bailey Crego (Bass),
  • Tommy West (Drums).

Musical style:

A hyperactive blend of aggressive verses, melodic choruses, and Walker’s acidic vocals give the band a raw and explosive edge.

“Picture Day” is one of track from the new EP: ‘Aren’t You Glad?’, released 2016

01. The Doctor Will See You Now
02. Bloom
03. Picture Day
04. Red Eye Lids
05. Brainwashed
06. Cosmopolitician