Walaupun salah satu pendiri band Evan Pharmakis (scream vocal) telah memutuskan hengkang untuk solo project Wind In Sails, pendiri lainnya Nick Lambert (guitaris) tetap bertahan dan telah merilis lagu baru “Pretty Grim”

vanna band 2016

Pretty Grim mengisahkan tentang sebuah kebersamaan untuk bertahan hidup, tidak peduli seperti betapa kelamnya masa lalu.

“One thing that has come out of sharing our lives through songs and touring is the comforting knowledge that we all live, breathe, suffer, and survive together,” kata vokalis Davey Muise. “No matter how dark the past or deep the problems, each of us have the power to let everything out through music and begin to not only heal but rebuild.


Pretty Grim merupakan single untuk album baru “All Hell” yang dirilis tanggal 8 Juli 2016 via Pure Noise. Vanna mengungkapkan bahwa album ini diciptakan benar-benar dari apa yang mereka rasakan.

“‘All Hell’ is everything we’ve been through, all the problems, all the pain, all the lessons we’ve learned or were forced to face. But make no mistake. These songs aren’t confessions — they’re us being proud and owning the people we are now. This record is you on the other side of the hell you’ve gone through: better, stronger, and ready for more. No matter what you fought through, bled about and survived, we feel it, we’re with you and this records is our anthem. This is the sound when ‘All Hell’ comes crashing down.”

Tracklist : TBA
Genre : Post-hardcore