Sejak terbentuk tahun 1994, Bowling For Soup telah mengeluarkan 10 album studio dan 6 EP. Tepat pada hari ini (4 Juni 2016) band pop-punk asal Texas itu merayakan ulang tahun ke-22 dan mereka  mempesiapkan album baru dengan title “Drunk Dynasty”.


Jaret Reddick, vokalis BFS menuliskan sebuah pesan di pledge music : Drunk Dynasty yang mengungkapkan bahwa label mereka adalah fans. Album baru BFS nantinya akan diedarkan seperti saat penjualan album sebelumya, “Lunch. Drunk. Love.” tahun 2013 via Pledge Music.


I can’t tell you how excited I am to be typing this right now!

Our “little” band is about to celebrate our 22 birthday on June 4. Two days later we will enter Panhandle House studios in lovely downtown Denton, TX to record our 17th album! Our first EP since 1996! HOLY CRAP!!!

The coolest thing is, once again, you can be a part of the entire process!

By pledging here on PledgeMusic, you will get access to studio updates, sneak peak at songs just after they are written, live studio feeds and MUCH, much more!

If you haven’t used PledgeMusic before, think of it as a pre-order! However, a pre-order where you get to see the final product created from start to finish, and in the end, be able to tell everyone you actually HELPED make the new BFS album!

You helped?
You helped!

Because to us, our fans are our record label now. We have been self sufficient for so many years now, and it is ALL to to the loyalty of our amazing fans! All of the pledge proceeds go to pay for recording, manufacturing, publicity, videos, social media…ALL THAT S**T!

Best of all…5% of the pledges towards the goal will go to Hunter’s Hope.

I will post later about my connection with this amazing charity.

Thank you so much for reading this and considering helping us make this album. Both Lunch Drunk Love and Songs People Actually Liked Volume 1 were made using PledgeMusic and through the amazing support of our fans!
Let’s do this again!!!