Happy summer holiday….

And this summer song is cool: “Something Wonderful” by Seaway.

This song is taken from their upcoming album “VACATION” will be released on September 15, 2017.

I like the way that you dress up, but wear your Martens for me. I like that when I grab your hand you tend to smile in your sleep. I like the way you sprinkle bourbon in your morning coffee. It kind of tastes bad, I’m not mad. I like how you put up with me and all my friends ‘cause we’re jerks. And bring me places like your beach house or a Jimmy concert. I like how it’s been days now since you washed that yellow t-shirt. It kind of smells now, but I’m down. We look good together. Always down whenever. We are weird and painful, just like Ross and Rachel. Let’s take a shot at something wonderful. So baby, let’s go to the lake and have a party for two. Come on let’s get drunk, go adventure, flip my uncle’s canoe. And we’ll sing pop songs by the fire from 2002. We’re on our own now. We kind of smell now, but I’m down. We are weird and messy, just like Zack and Kelly. Let’s take a shot at something wonderful.