The beautiful song by Seaway “Airhead” has music video now.

This song from album Colour Blind 2015.

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Song lyrics: Seaway – Airhead

Sometimes I can be a f**king airhead. So tie me to your fingertip so I don’t float away. Sometimes I think I’d rather be alive than dead. So tie me to your fingertip. Being lonely is different than being alone, like when you call and nobody picks up the phone. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the noise. It’s your choice, but I just miss your voice in the morning when nobody’s up. You’re talking loud cause you just don’t give a f**k. Let’s smoke a joint with our coffee and tea. I’m not afraid cause I know that you love me. Crush me girl. Crush my dreams. Show me pain. Show me what gravity means. Pull me down to my knees. Make me real; I’m begging you please.

Album Review
On their sophomore album, 2015’s Colour Blind, Canada’s Seaway make exuberant, guitar-driven punk-pop that’s both super catchy and fun, and also earnestly passionate. Which is to say that, while the Ontario five-piece aren’t overly serious here (there are no political rants), lyrically, they lean more toward the emo end of the punk spectrum with songs about screwed up relationships, lost love, and past mistakes. As they sing on “Best Mistake,” “Sunday morning, and I feel sorry about the pieces of me that I left at your house/Down on my luck, my mind was anxious and you made me face it with your lips on my neck and a taste from the bottle.” That song, as with most of the cuts on Colour Blind, showcases Seaway’s knack for nicely contradicting some of their darker lyrical themes with a driving beat and soaring melodic chorus that grabs your attention and begs you to sing along. This anthemic quality is reinforced by the band’s distinctive use of double-lead vocals shared between singer Ryan Locke (the sweeter, more resonant one) and guitarist/singer Patrick Carleton (the more robust, throatier one). While the two-singer punk band isn’t exactly a rarity, what is rare is to find one where both vocalists actually sing — usually, one of the leads is just there to scream. Thankfully, Locke and Carleton are well-matched with ringing, resonant voices they use to superb effect throughout the album. It also doesn’t hurt that Seaway know how to structure a song to deliver maximum dramatic tension and release. Cuts like “Trick (So Sweet)” and “Turn Me Away,” with their palm-muted guitar riffs, cut-time into double-time drum parts, and harmonized vocals make for spine-tingling pop. Similarly, the euphorically romantic “Airhead,” with its chunky, Weezer-esque guitar riffs and swoony, thematic refrain of “so tie me to your fingertip so I don’t float away,” is a late album stand-out that speaks to the overall depth of quality and pure listenability on display on Colour Blind.


Canada’s Seaway is a five-member band that makes exuberant punk-pop and emo-rock. Formed in Oakville, Ontario in 2011, Seaway originally featured the talents of vocalist Ryan Locke, vocalist/guitarist Patrick Carleton, guitarist Andrew Eichinger, bassist Adam Shoji, and drummer Ken Taylor. Following the recording of several EPs, the group made its full-length album debut with 2013’s Hoser. In 2015, Seaway returned with their sophomore album, Colour Blind, featuring the singles “Freak” and “Best Mistake.” ~ Matt Collar