Three years ago The Strokes released an album entitled “comedown MACHINE” (2013). It is the last studio album released by the rock band from the United States.

It seems that the fans should get ready, because the guitarist, Nick Valensi, said that the band are currently working on a new studio album. Earlier, The Strokes have released an EP contains three songs titled “FUTURE PAST PRESENT” in the month of June 2016.

“Slowly, but surely we’re working on a new album. I do not know when this album will be released, obviously we are in the songwriting sessions,” said Nick Valensi told DIY Mag.

For the upcoming album, Nick said that he was busy struggling with his many duties in the studio.

“I actually was in New York at this time, in a studio in New York for the job,” he added.


Previously, according to NME Nick Valensi had revealed that The Strokes will release their latest work next year. However, he has not revealed that what was made by The Strokes is a studio album.

“If I had much to say right now, people may be too enthusiastic. Clearly we would work like Beyonce and release something next year,” said Nick.

Well, what kind of material that will be presented by The Strokes for a studio album this time? Is PAST PRESENT FUTURE EP could be a reflection of sound and themes on a large project that was carried in their album would later?