Woe, Is Me yang udah bubar di tahun 2013 silam, kini vokalis mereka telah membentuk band baru bernama Sirona. Doriano Magliano – Vocals (mantan vokalis Woe, Is Me), Lorenzo Canadilla – Guitar/Vocals, Adam Konzen – Guitar, Brandon Lane – Bass dan Will Stamberg – Drums sudah terbentuk sejak tahun 2014. Tanggal 25 kemarin, mereka merilis single lagu baru berjudul Fearless.

dariano vokalis whoe is me

Dalam lagu tersebut, Sirona mengajak vokalis band metalcore Fit For A King, Ryan O’Leary yang memiliki clean vokal cukup keren.

Lirik Lagu

My life’s been torn apart
I’m not who I was anymore
My life’s been torn apart
With a gun to my head, I see a light at the end of it
Walk a mile with me
I will let you see the weeping and the weak
I will never again be faced
With the demons from my past
The emptiness is tearing me down
I see now
What I was to you
I can’t condone myself
I’ve lead a life of hate
And I can’t seem to shake this
I’ve lead a life of hate
If I fell from the ledge with my arms wide open
Would you notice?
I’m biting my tongue
And choking on the blood of words unspoken
I’ll never be what you want
I’m learning now to let it fall beside
Fatal attraction to a darker kind
What does it all mean?
And how do I make it mine?
Fearless, I’m gonna tear it down
I’ll scream until I can’t breathe
I’m holding it out and searching around for the ground beneath my feet
But I’ll make a change, I’ll make a change
Cause only I can see inside the walls that I used to hide behind
I’m breaking through the slamming door
I’ll hold my breath and ask for more
My heart is cold
My body’s torn
But I’ll get what I’m fighting for
As the dirt showers down tearing me deep inside
The light dims out and my breathing starts to subside
I’ll remind myself of you
You fucking buried me
You never cared for me
I’ve got this noose around my neck
Now kick the fucking chair
Swing me high
Give me hope
Of a way out of here