Silverstein is usually known for their rousing mix of Posthardcore and Emocore. In an exclusively for VISIONS recorded clip to “Toronto Unabridged” Frontman Shane Told suggests quieter sounds.

The driving sound of Silverstein, with his singing out vocals, the massive guitars and the hymnic melody lead, actually belongs to club and indoor stages. The Canadians can convince themselves differently and intimately, with an exclusive clip to “Toronto Unabridged”.

The video shows frontman and singer Shane Told in the performance of the song “Toronto Unabridged” in front of the picturesque backdrop of the Ontario with the skyline of Toronto in the background. Told’s minimalistic setup – just an acoustic guitar and his voice are used – underlines the melancholic tenor of the song, which is presented completely acoustically in the clip for the first time.

The song is taken from “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch”, the band’s current album. With the single “Ghost”, however, the band had recently released new song “Ghost” and postponed the release of a new album in this year.

Watch Silverstein – “Toronto Unabridged” Acoustic [here]