Yeah! Once again, a masterpiece. Silverstein can’t write a bad song!

Canadian post-hardcore band have released new song called “Ghost”, amazing!

Check this one!

Song lyrics: Silverstein – Ghost

You threw it off the edge into the ocean
I never thought, it’d drift back and climb up in
into your hands and burrow inside your head
I couldn’t stop it

Cold nights in a broken home
long talks with the dial tone
everywhere i go in the shadows, I see your ghost
Drowning in the silent seas
You said you would never leave
Everywhere I go in the shadows I see your ghost

No one can stop it. No one can stop it.
whoa whoa whoa
drowning in the silents seas
you said you would never leave
whoa whoa i still see your ghost

I lost my step, and fell to the bottom
broke both my legs, you left me forgotten
through the waves, I’m pulled into the depths
And I can’t stop it
I’m torn up, disgusted, that’s what I get for always trusting
Smile at me as you’re stepping out, while spouting lies from your fucking mouth
You’re a joke, they’ll watch you choke, inches away from the end of the rope
Your sins will slowly plague you, until you die alone

You’re haunting yourself and not me
You have to live with it you have to live with it
So say it again “stop attacking me”
You have to live with it, you have to live with it

Is this brand new song means new album? I don’t think so… you can watch, I mean, read the statement of the image below; a letter from Silverstein.