Band melodic hardcore asal Amerika, Set Your Goals melakukan reformation (gabung lagi) pada 3 Desember 2015. Saat ini Set Your Goals memiliki anggota; vokalis :Jordan Brown, Matt Wilson, gitaris : Audelio Flores Jr, Daniel Coddaire dan bassist :Joe Saucedo. Sementara drummer mereka Mike Ambrose telah keluar di tahun 2012 yang membuat band ini tidak ada aktifitas sama sekali.

anggota set your goals

Pesan dari Michael (Mike) Ambrose


Dear friends, family, and fans, it’s with a heavy heart that I report that my time with Set Your Goals has come to an end. My final shows with SYG will be December 2nd at the Oakland Metro and December 7th at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. What this band has been able to fulfill thus far is beyond the dreams I had 8 years ago and I’m extremely proud of our accomplishments. The guys are going to continue on without me and are in the middle of writing new material to be released next year. We’re still all on good terms and the band has asked to please hold off on inquiries about the position for the time being. I’m in no way finished with my love affair with drums and music and am fired up about the possibilities that lie ahead. An enormous thank you must be said to the innumerable companions made along the journey so far- your support and devotion to the band and myself has fueled us. We shall meet again. If you’d like to stay in touch, I have Twitter (MikeAmbrose636), Instagram (MikeAmbrose), and I’d be happy to answer Facebook messages if you have questions/comments.

Awal Desember ini Set Your Goals mengumumkan soal reunite mereka sekaligus menkonfirmasi Ambrose yang menjadi publisher band Misser. Selain itu mereka juga membuat logo baru dengan caption “12-7-2015” yang mengindikasikan pengumuman dibuat untuk hari senin tanggal 7 Desember 2015.

Set Your Goals dibentuk pada tahun 2004 dan telah membuat 3 album studio dan kompilasi;

Album Studio

  • 2006 Mutiny!, Released: 11 July 2006, Label: Eulogy
  • 2009 This Will Be the Death of Us, Released: 21 July 2009, Label: Epitaph
  • 2011 Burning at Both Ends, Released: 27 June 2011, Label: Epitaph


  • 2010 New Noise


Tahun, Judul Lagu, Album

  • 2005 “Goonies Never Say Die!” Reset
  • 2006 “Mutiny!” Mutiny!
  • 2007 “Echoes” Mutiny!
  • 2009 “This Will Be the Death of Us” This Will Be the Death of Us
  • 2010 “Summer Jam” This Will Be the Death of Us
  • 2010 “Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)” This Will Be the Death of Us
  • 2011 “Certain” Burning At Both Ends
  • 2011 “The Last American Virgin” Burning At Both Ends
  • 2012 “Only Right Now” –
  • 2012 “I’ll Walk It Off” –