Electronicore Palisades have released a new video for the fifth track “Let Down” from album “Palisades” (self-title) 2017.

“We are so happy to finally put this out into the world! Here is “Let Down”. – Palisades.

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Brian K Vaught: Been a fan since the Pathway to Providence days with Lou, this new record is seriously something special. Everyone wants to go on and on about the Sad Trap influence being cut down and bit, but I think it’s a nice transition. I wouldn’t be happy with another Mind Games, loved that album but every album you guys have out has a different feel but in a fresh way. Also like I said in past posts these songs mixed with the diverse amount of songs already under your belts the live shows will be perfect.

Song lyrics: Palisades – Let Down

I’ve been so good to you
Whatever you need
Not there for me
Expecting you to be
A remedy
Doin what you please
Still makin me sick
At the thought of you and me
I stay with you
Then leave you for a week
Don’t answer calls
Or you’re hung up on me
I’m by the phone
And I wish I could breathe

I’m so good for you
But you’re so bad for me

And it’s hard to believe
That it’s me that you’re missing
Now you’re trying to speak
And I don’t wanna listen

Cause you’re a let down
Let down

Gimme one reason to make it right
Anything at all for another try oh oh
Cause you’re a let down
A let down

Almost feel bad for you
You got my sympathy
I’m sober now
And I can finally see
With clarity
Yeah I can agree
You can take the heat
I’m sorry that I’m weak

I hate myself
For putting up with all your pointless fights
You were out to cheat
I blocked the phone
I bet we can agree

I’ve been good for you
But you’re so bad for me

Palisades (2017) Tracklisting.

1. Aggression
2. Cold Heart (Warm Blood)
3. Better Chemicals
4. Fall
5. Let Down
6. Dark
7. Through Hell
8. Memories
9. Hard Feelings
10. Dancing With Demons
11. Personal