Disclaimer : This music player below is not my own, I Just embed from another site. And these songs copyright by Owl City.

owl city balon

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This edited “sweet version” is a tribute to Adam Young (my personal tribute). He and his music inspired me to become a peaceful person, be more optimistic about life. Young has such a lovely and sweet voice.

All I did was to change the pitch of the songs, so it’s cool and more sweet to my ears (I think haha). I love how changing the pitch added a lovely punch to Adam’s vocals, and to the overall songs.

I call it “sweet version.” I only did it for myself, but friends requested me to share the edited songs with them and I had to upload them here. Few days later after uploading them, I noticed people were downloading them in daily basis and I was very impressed, that is why I decided to keep them on purevolume.

If you like it, then always feel free to download for FREE the songs and share with your friends as well.

THANK YOU- my name is not important. I’m just an Owl City fan 🙂