Adam Young of OWL CITY has added a competition that called Scores Short Film Contest.

The contest is about to help provide a visual for his scores project, Adam Young is asking fans and aspiring filmmakers to create their own original short films to represent one to two of his scores released over the past year.


  1. Create a short film between 5 and 10 minutes in length that utilizes at least one of Adam Young’s scores
  2. Upload the finished product to YouTube, adding (Adam Young Scores Short Film Contest) to the end of your title
  3. Fill out the entry form and agree to the contest terms and conditions before the submission deadline of 12/31/16

Here the post by Adam Young on Facebook and announcement on Youtube.

November’s score ‘Mount Rushmore’ was just added to the scores eligible to be used in the Adam Young Scores Short Film Contest! Head to to enter!