Tahun lalu, Inggris hardcore Ocean Ate Alaska mengumumkan di Facebook mereka bahwa mereka akan masuk studio untuk merekam album kedua mereka. Mereka juga mengumumkan bahwa OAA telah berpisah dengan vokalis James Harrison. Pada tanggal 1 Februari 2017, band ini secara resmi mengumumkan vokalis baru mereka, Jake Noakes.

So excited to welcome Jake into the Fearless Family performing along side Oceans Ate Alaska as their new vocalist!

OUR NEW VOCALIST is our very close personal friend and incredibly talented singer/screamer Jake Noakes from the UK! It’s our honour to be performing along side of him from here on out, he’s an absolute monster!

We are also very excited to inform you that the new album now is fully recorded and sounds INSANELY SICK! Without doubt this record is going to melt some faces. Anyway, everyone go give Jake a big warm welcome to the OAA family, and get stoked for some killer new tunes