Don’t Go Away (Mustique Demo) has been revealed!


This is the first time one of Oasis’s legendary Mustique Demos has been made publicly available.

‘I Remain Totally Awesome’ said Noel Gallagher on 2016 Plans

Noel Gallagher recorded the demo with producer Owen Morris on the Caribbean island of Mustique in early 1996, along with 13 other tracks that will be included on the reissue – which is due out October 7th. The tapes had been deemed lost for years until they were unearthed in the Big Brother archives.

The song presents a pared down version of the tune, with acoustic guitar, shaker, bass and some electric guitar. Notably, Noel plays a repeated three-note melody on his electric in the middle of the song rather than going into the bridge where he plays the solo on the original. (The reissue also includes a different, acoustic demo of the song on the B-sides disc that runs a minute shorter than the others and finds Noel saying, “Where has everyone gone?” at the end.)

The reissue will be available on CD and vinyl, as well as digitally; the LP version will include a download card. The super deluxe version contains the expanded vinyl and CD versions as and it comes with a hardback book with new liner notes, a 12-inch white-label vinyl sampler of the demos and Oasis merchandise.

(credit: RollingStone)