Band Pop-punk Man Overboard mengumumkan bahwa mereka akan jeda dalam bermusik atau hiatus. Sebagai perpisahan, mereka akan melakukan farewell show di musim panas ini.

Justin Collier (gitaris) mengungkapkan bahwa ia merasa tahun ini waktu yang tepat untuk hiatus.

“I think everybody felt it was a good time to do some other things for a bit. Some people got married, some people bought houses, some people are doing other things.” – Justin

Apakah mereka akan bubar selamanya atau hanya sementara? Justin menambahkan, bahwa tak ada dari personel band yang menginginkan Man Overboard bubar.

” Nobody wants the band to end forever or break up forever. It’s not some crazy, tragic thing. We’re all still friends. I just think some bands fall off the radar and don’t do anything for a while—and that’s cool—but I think us not having toured for a while, we wanted to let people know these are going to be the last shows for a minute. Come out if you want; otherwise, we’ll see you down the road.”


Man Overboard sudah terbentuk lebih dari 7 tahun. Para personel merasa band bukanlah sekedar untuk berkarir, namun juga sebagai bagian hidup seperti keluarga sendiri..

“We have spent the last 7+ years tirelessly building Man Overboard into something that we all love and are proud of, from booking our first tours and hand numbered copies of the Hung Up On Nothing EP to touring the world and making albums with producers we never thought we’d meet. We put our hearts and souls into this band because it’s something we believe in. Whether we were being detained in a desolate Russian train station after illegally trying cross the border to the Ukraine or walking off stage after a sold out show, our friendship and love for everything this band has afforded us is what makes us want to be a part of Man Overboard forever.

Band yang sempat konser di Indonesia tahun kemarin ini telah merilis 4 album studio, multiple split EP. Bagi Joe Summer, ia sangat merasa beruntung memiliki teman, keluarga, dan fans yang berada di berbagai belahan dunia. Ia menyadari mereka bukanlah apa-apa tanpa mereka.

“Without people you’re nothing” – Joe

Sebelum berpisah, mereka mengadakan 8 show di United States.

“Our current plans are very few and will likely remain that way for a while. Don’t read into it. Don’t think it’s something it’s not. This Spring we will be playing eight shows in the United States. Farewell for now.”