What is going on with Linkin Park, more pop. Is this mean “Good Goodbye” for old Linkin Park with nu-metal or alternative rock? whatever, check this lyric video.

Linkin Park РGood Goodbye ft. Pusha T Stormzy

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”DW44aPjOMvI” width=”640″ height=”480″ auto_thumb=”1″]


Much better than whatever the hell ‘Heavy’ was. However, this sounds like a rehashed demo of ‘Lost In the Echo’, stripped of all instruments, and turned into a glitch-pop song. I’m all for bands tying new things! But these 2017 singles are underwhelming at best. – Simmons

They sold so many albums because they had such a raw, unique sound. Especially in the early days, they had such an awesome mix of Rock, Metal, Rap and even some electronic beats all wrapped into one. There is a reason why Hybrid Theory is still their best sold album, and it is what made people fall in love with the band. To see them now completely abandoning their sound, the very thing that made them big feels like a knife stabbed in the back. I forgave A Thousand Suns even respected them for it, but I won’t respect this. And if some of you fans get pissed because people disagree with the direction they are taking then you probably don’t know how big of a fans we once were. – Ben