Earthists. is a 5 piece Naturecore band hailing from tokyo, Japan. The band have released new song “Cybele” music video taken from albumĀ “Dreamscape” out March 8, 2017.

We have signed to Go With Me Records as a Japanese distributor and welcome a new drummer Yuya!
We will release our 1st full length album named “Dreamscape” on Mar 8th in Japan! – Earthists.

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Song Lyrics: Earthists. – Cybele

The sound of rain
And the trees and plants rippling in the wind
Are we never to hear this ensemble again?

A drop of gray ink splashes onto the green and blue
It spreads in a distorted way
It’s too late to remove

As time passed
We selfishly painted a picture in our favorite color on the canvas
Even if we try to paint it out in white
The smear will remain

In the world we obtained in exchange for lives
that are torn apart
The flowers die and the earth cracks
Will a man plant a seed

Children don’t know the fragrance of the rainy forest
Their lullaby is the sound of rain
splashing on a concrete slab

Will mankind rule this grassland
where we see the setting sun
How long will we be able to see
The green covering the earth