Nowadays, rock music in Japan is dominated by One Ok Rock. But, perhaps what I recommend here another band from the same country, in the future this would be your new favorite band. And, this is Monoeyes, a rock band from Japan which began to go international.


Monoeyes, the newcomers that can not be underestimated. The band that brought the pop-punk genre, and the music so catchy. Watch first one of their songs – My Instant Song

I think, Japanese accent is not so noticeable on the track above. It is precisely those tracks similar to songs made by Arkarna, The Moffatts, As It Is, or The Ataris.

Overall, i said, this song is cool!

Monoeyes is :

monoeyes-band monoeyes-members

細美 武士(Takeshi Hosomi)

Takeshi Hosomi is the lead vocalist and guitarist who was once a member of the rock band ELLEGARDEN (1998-2008) and The Hiatus (2009-now). Hosomi, in addition to good music, he was eloquent and write English. The background he had was a computer engineer in Oakland, California, USA as well as English-speaking co-workers in Japan. So, grammar in songs both in Ellergarden band, The Hiatus, and Monoeyes certainly is not doubt. But the Japanese still hard to say ‘R’

Scott Murphy

Strangers lost in Japan, haha. America talented musician, Scott Murphy, who is also a member of the band Allister, able to provide beautiful music color Monoeyes. With guitarnya bass and as a backing vocalist, he also contributed as a songwriter. Scott did in collaboration with Weezer frontman, Rivers Cuomo “Scott & Rivers” shelter under Universal Music.

戸高 賢史 (Masafumi Todaka)

Guitarist of the band ART-SCHOOL, Masafumi Takada has been very popular in Japan, especially when the Art-School band released their first single “Freesia” through the label Pony Canyon / Rocker Room.

一瀬 正和 (Masakazu Ichise)

Ichise had a band called Asparagus, but he is too busy as a live support member of The Hiatus. And finally Ichise join with Monoeyes.

They are Rock! and if you want to hear other tracks that go more rock and international taste! check this : Run Run

Monoeyes formed in May 2015 by Hosomi and Scott. Debut album “A Mirage In The Sun” was released in July 2015. As well as versions of DVD and Blu-ray: “MONOEYES Cold Reaction Tour 2015 at Studio Coast” was released March 9, 2016.

Monoeyes – A Mirage In The Sun
Track List :

01. Cold Reaction
02. Like We’ve Never Lost
03. Just A Little More Time
04. My Instant Song
05. Run Run
06. グラニート
07. End Of The Story
08. Do I Have To Bleed Again
09. Get Me Down
10. 明日公園で
11. Wish It Was Snowing Out
12. Remember Me


DVD&Blu-ray : MONOEYES Cold Reaction Tour 2015 at Studio Coast

Track List :

  1. Cold Reaction
  2. Like We’ve Never Lost
  3. Just A Little More Time
  4. When I Was A King
  5. Do I Have To Bleed Again
  6. Get Me Down
  7. My Instant Song
  8. Homely Girl
  9. 明日公園で
  10. Somewhere On Fullerton
  11. End Of The Story
  12. What I Left Today
  13. Wish It Was Snowing Out
  14. Run Run
  15. Remember Me
  16. グラニート