American metalcore Hundredth have released new rock song “Hole” from their forthcoming album “Rare”, set to be released on  June 16, 2017.

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Song lyrics: Hunderdth

time dissolving me

forget about the pain
just long enough for
your shadowplay

& we’re all
wrapped up
passing through
the grain

you know
feel it out
but never let it show

you know
you’ll never find
enough to fill the hole

up to see nothing
everything away

open up
shed yourself of shame
anything to get your
skin in the game

come around to find it
feel it out, never let it show

you’ll never fill the hole

Tracklist: RARE by Hundredth

  1. Vertigo
  2. Neurotic
  3. White Squall
  4. Hole
  5. Suffer
  6. Disarray
  7. Down
  8. Grey
  9. Shy Vein
  10. Chandelier
  11. Youth
  12. Departure