A new song by Green Day: “Young Blood” has released on the same time with their album “Revolution Radio” October 7, 2016.

“Youngblood” is a power-pop anthem to the brighter side of love. Still, this love song manages to work in some very punk rock lyrics. Like most the other Green Day songs dedicated to Armstrong’s wife Andrienne, the track sounds much more upbeat and positive than the majority of work in the band’s catalog.

The song seems to move forward with ease, reflecting Armstrong’s account of the writing process:

“She’s easy to write about because she’s so awesome.”


Check this: Green Day “Young Blood” official lyric video

Tracklist: Green Day – Revolution Radio
1. “Somewhere Now” 4:08
2. “Bang Bang” 3:25
3. “Revolution Radio” 3:00
4. “Say Goodbye” 3:39
5. “Outlaws” 5:02
6. “Bouncing Off the Wall” 2:40
7. “Still Breathing” 3:44
8. “Youngblood” 2:32
9. “Too Dumb to Die” 3:23
10. “Troubled Times” 3:04
11. “Forever Now” 6:52
12. “Ordinary World” 3:00


Amazing album. Feels kinda like a Shenanigans/ Warning successor. I really liked it. My two favorite bands releasing on the same day, Green Day and Sum 41 – Jack Morris

The album is like a great mix of American Idiot meets 21st Century Breakdown but with a new classic rock sound that all blends together to make amazing music! Love the album! – Tom Maddalena

I haven’t enjoyed a Green Day album so much on my first listen since I first listened to American Idiot. I haven’t disliked any of their releases but this is definitely much stronger than the trilogy and I’d probably say 21st Century Breakdown. I’ve listened a few times now before posting to see if I still like it as much after repeat listens, if anything I like it even more, what a return to form! I admit I was slightly apprehensive about this album due to the trilogy being a bit hit and miss and then Billie’s stint in rehab but I needn’t have been worried. Plenty of variety and new sounds but still undeniably Green Day. Revolution Radio is everything I wanted it to be. Great job guys! I can’t wait to see these songs live! – Tom James