American rock band Gone Is Gone released new song “Gift”.
Upcoming album: “Echolocation” out January 6th, 2016.

Gone Is Gone was formed in 2016, but the band consists of great old musicians.

Troy Sanders; the singer and bass player from Mastodon
Troy Van Leeuwen; guitarists for Queens of the Stone Age
Tony Hajjar;  drummer for At the Drive-In
Mike Zarin; a multi-instrumentalist, composer and founder of Sencit Music who appeared with Van Leeuwen on Sweethead’s Descent to the Surface.

Gone Is Gone – Gift (Official Music Video)

Song lyrics: Gone Is Gone – Gift

Red and blue flashing lights
Black and blue from the fight
What is lost
What is won
What’s done is done

In the web of modern life
Into the walls with no foresight
I will run always run
In search of the sun

You gave the gift to me
You gave the gift
But never kept enough for yourself
And you passed it down
You gave the gift to me
You gave the gift
But never kept enough for yourself
It’s everywhere I turn
Everywhere I go
Everywhere I look away

It’s not how you trip
It’s how you steer your ship
With a gentle hand
Is how you land

It’s a blessing and a curse
For the better and the worse
At least that’s what I tell
The son before he sleeps

Really Liquid cool sci -fi video , Gone is Gone.. Great visionary musical playing . Love the song and Troy “s lead melody guitar parts doing Zeppelin riffing… Hangar One ,Gentlemen… Trying to radar in EchoLocation – Review by Lauren.

EchoLocation tracklisting


01. Sentient
02. Gift
03. Resurge
04. Dublin
05. Ornament
06. Pawns
07. Colourfade
08. Roads
09. Slow Awakening
10. Fast Awakening
11. Resolve
12. Echolocation