Amber Pacific is one of the best pop-punk band that formed in 2002 in Federal Way, Washington, US. The band released four full-length albums :

  1. The Possibility and the Promise (2005),
  2. Truth in Sincerity (2007)
  3. Virtues (2010)
  4. The Turn (2014)

top 10 best song amber pacific

Amber Pacific Gone So Young

This band has a good sad song is called “Gone So Young”, it dedicated to everyone who has lost someone they loved.

Original Version Amber Pacific Gone So Young

Amber Pacific Gone So Young Acoustic Version (life performance)

What listener say;

Man. I want to personally say thank you, Amber Pacific. This song touches my heart so much, because I lost a HUGE part of it at the age of 23. She’ll always be with me, just as this song will. I love you guys. – Colson

reminds me of someone that could not be mine. I wish, I could make her darkest days bright but I think someone has her heart now.. All of the attention was diverted to that somebody.. I wish.. I could say this lines to her  – Mark

If you want to know which Amber Pacific songs need to listen, let’s check this list that I recommend to you. Here we go, the top 10 best Amber Pacific’s song (gudangrocker’s version)

  1. An Anthem for the Young at Heart (2010) ; energic song, drum dan melodic are very impressive!
  2. What Matters Most (2010) ; another great song.
  3. When I Found You – Ft. Alex Gaskart of All Time Low (2014); there three nice versions : acoustic, alternate and colaboration,
  4. The Good Life (2010) ; good song.
  5. Fall Back Into My Life – ost TNMT (2007) ; still stuck in my ear!
  6. Everything We Were Has Become What We Are (2004) : great debut song
  7. Gone So Young (2007) ; easy listening and touching
  8. Undone – Ft. Mike Herrera of MXPX (2014); cool riff
  9. You’re Only Young Once (2007); nice lyrics, awesome song.
  10. Forever (2010); very slow, this is the saddest sound from Amber Pacific

Overall, I really liked every song on the album. I’ll beat the odds, and would you are amazing though. Definitely was one of the best albums to come out in 2014