American post-hardcore For All Those Sleeping posted an auction for a huge banner. Read the message below:

Hi everyone!
Jerad Pierskalla here. I am auctioning away a piece of my past to help fund a new vision of mine!
The item that is for sale is a live performance scrim/banner that my band and I used for our national debut album “Cross Your Fingers”. You may recognize it from when you first came out to see us at one of our shows!
The reason that I’m selling this is to help fund the start of my solo career and also to get the ball rolling on my non-profit organization to help people in need when natural disasters strike. I will be launching a Kickstarter sooner than later with more information about the two ideas of mine!!!
I am currently working on raising $5,000 so I can put a deposit down to receive a loan to help fund all of this!
If you don’t end up winning this item I am planning on listing more For All Those Sleeping memorabilia such as t-shirts, wristbands, etc.. Also, if you don’t feel like bidding, but would still like to help me out by donating you can message me on my social networking sites and I can give you my PayPal account information. Every person that donates to me personally or the kickstarter will receive my single “Paradise” before it is released to the public!!!
Thank you for taking the time to read through this. I truly believe that this is going to help the lives of millions of people around the world!
Much love. ?
-Jerad Pierskalla