Alternative rock band Sleeping with Sirens latest officially released their fourth album: Madness March 17 2015.SWS choose the first single “Kick Me”

As in Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil or Post-hardcore band modern today, they show the loud music, but it does not have to look black clothes. Sleeping with Sirens able rendition of “Kick Me” with a girl whose favorite singer this time, the band’s Hayley Williams of Paramore.

sws madnes

Sleeping with Sirens, an American band formed in 2009. They are currently labeled on Epitaph Records, which has released three albums before the release of this new album.


Kellin Quinn – lead vocals (2009-present)
Justin Hills – bass guitar (2009-present)
Gabe Barham – drums (2009-present)
Jack Fowler – lead guitar (2010-present)
Nick Martin – rhythm guitar, unclean vocals (2013-present)


Here is a list of the complete song full album Madness

1. Kick Me
2. Go Go Go
3. Gold
4. Save Me a Spark
5. Fly
6. The Strays
7. Left Alone
8. Better Off Dead
9. We Like it Loud
10. Heroine
11. November
12. Madness
13. Do not Say Anything

Entire songs above, “Kick Me” is a song that is the coolest and powerful. Other songs: Go Go Go, and We Like It Loud cool too.

This band is awesome. And this album is crazy, as in the title MADNESS