UK rock and roll Don Broce release cinematic horror video for their brand new single “Pretty”.

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Song lyrics: Don Broce – Pretty

Pretty boy looking over
Pretty girl gets the boys
Pretty things can be evil
Pretty tough to avoid
Pretty hard on it 8 days a week
Causing ‘nuff fuss up in the big city

Spilling drinks down my shirt, wasted
Hooligan trying to flirt, basic
Home on my own
Let the good times roll
Yeah I’m far too gone
But now she wanna talk to me
“Thing about foreigners they
taking our jobs we should send ‘em away’’
I can’t believe what i heard
How she saying these words
But I’m far too gone

You should let me love you
I could make you change I could
I would like to love you
Try to fix your brain turn it bad to good

And now the party’s in full swing
Dawns on me I have mostly been
Spending my time with this person I don’t like just because they are very good looking

Band members:

  • Rob Damiani – Vocals
  • Matt Donnelly – Drums
  • Simon Delaney – Guitar
  • Tom Doyle – Bass