Ice Nine Kills merilis sebuah video musik cinematic bertema horror untuk single “Hell in the Hallways”. Band yang menggabungkan musik metalcore dengan horror-punk ini mengangkat sebuah film klasik tahun 1976, diangkat dari novel karya Stephen King tahun 1974 berjudul Carrie.

Video musik “Hell in The Hallways” merupakan sekuel lanjutan dari videoklip sebelumnya “Communion Of The Cursed”. Singles dari album : Every Trick in the Book (2015)

Sequel #1 Communion of the Cursed :

Sequel #2 Hell in the Hallways :

Band beranggotakan Spencer Charnas, Justin DeBlieck, Justin Morrow, dan Conor Sullivan ini mengatakan bahwa kedua videoklip tadi merupakan sebuah bentuk perlawanan terhadap bullying.

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“As an avid fan of horror films with multiple sequels, I have long had the urge to connect our music videos as a chronologic progression of stories. Taking off from our last video, based on The Exorcist, and moving into this new tribute to Carrie, I tried to create an original narrative that links these two classic tales of terror,” kata vocalist Spencer Charnas. “Reuniting with Dan Kennedy and Rasa Partin from Little Sky Film (directors of “Communion Of The Cursed”) enabled us to bring my vision to life in an elegantly twisted way. But above all, the band wanted to take a stand against bullying and the cruelty it inflicts on so many kids. At it’s core, the story of Carrie is a profound morality tale about the dangers of bullying and the horrific consequences that can ensue. With a growing understanding by psychiatrists of the life-long consequences of being bullied, along with an increasing number of suicides, it seemed like a good time to put a spotlight on this epidemic.”