Nottingham Pop Punk Quintet Catch Fire have today released their sophomore EP ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ via Rude Records. “ALTISM is a collection of the most heartfelt songs we’ve ever written, that represent things we’ve felt and experiences we’ve had had to endure over the past year in our personal lives,” reveals frontman Miles Kent, continuing: “There are a lot of themes covered in the EP, stretching from jealousy, anxiety, anger, sadness, happiness, all the way to love and hate. This collection of songs is a product of personal discomfort, sadness and anxiety for the most part, and we wanted to channel all these negative feelings into something that could potentially be the cure to someone else’s despair. We hope these songs can help anyone in some way, big or small.”

Catch Fire, completed by guitarists Tim Bell and Neal Arkley, drummer Ash Wain and bassist Joseph Ryan Askew released their debut EP ‘The Distance I Am From You’ via Rude Records in early 2016, after forming from the ashes of local heroes Layby. For ‘A Love That I Still Miss’, the quartet immediately began writing, feeling less pressure than on their debut: “We knew we had to put something out that people would notice so that we could get our foot in the door. I’m not saying that we’ve gotten complacent now, as it’s quite the opposite. What I am saying, is that now we have a few people’s attention, we show them what we’re about and we definitely feel as if these songs say more about us than anything we’ve released before.”

Ready to lay down their demos, the guys entered the studio for 3 weeks, opting to work with Myroslav Borys at Jigsaw Audio, having developed a good chemistry with the producer during the recording for December 2016’s cover of Alessia Cara’s “Wild Things”. The resultant 5 tracks tackle a myriad of emotions, ideal for fans of emo-tinged pop punk, with intricate guitars and driving rhythm, evoking Trash Boat and Knuckle Puck. As a parting though, Kent declares: “We did work our asses off writing it. We had our fair share of disagreements on parts, and went over different sections more than we needed to, but we knew it was just because we didn’t want to release anything less than perfect to us. This EP is the best we have to offer. We just hope people like it.”

‘A Love That I Still Miss’ tracklisting

Curfew (ft. Wes Thompson)
Guilty As Charged
Thin Ice

Watch the official music video for first single “Sylvester” here:

Catch Fire’s EP ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ is out now. Get it at: