Keren nih guys, Capsize band Melodic-hardcore asal California yang udah berdiri sejak tahun 2009. Sejak dirilisnya debut album mereka dengan judul “THE ANGST IN MY VEINS” pada september 2014, mereka tak pernah berhenti melakukan tour dalam promosi album tersebut.

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Saat ini mereka mulai membuat beberapa video klip. Salah satu single lagu The Angst in My Veins dibuat saat mereka melakukan konser bersama Silverstein dan Senses Fail.

“We turned it into something more than just a music video,” kata vokalis Daniel Wang
“It’s a celebration of our first album’s touring cycle coming to an end, as we enter the studio for a brand new album.” tambahnya.

Album berikutnya sedang dalam proses pengerjaan.

Here we go : The Angst in My Veins

Lirik lagu :

Have you ever felt like you were invisible?
Tell me now if you’ve ever felt miserable
There’s never really been a clear explanation
To live your life opposite to the world’s rotation
To feel like no one. “No one understands.”
To feel like you could die another lonely man
I am tired of hearing that I can’t
So I’ve come forward with this to show you where I stand
Have you ever felt hated? Have you ever felt jaded?
I can’t walk with all this weighing down on me
Have you been getting high? Have you been getting wasted?
Checking out from reality, just try to breathe

I don’t see an end to my pain when I still have angst in my veins
Everything comes crashing down on me, when everyone is looking down on me

I only ask a single thing, just a moment of your time
I’ve let you show me all that is yours, now let me show you mine
I just wanted to hear “I miss you” or “I’m happy you made it out”
I just needed to hear “I love you” “I’m proud of what you’re doing now”

I’ve seen the cuts on your arms, I’ve seen the scars on your wrists
And I just want you to know, you are better than this
They don’t belong. You belong here