Capsize have just dropped their music video for “Favorite Secret” live performance.

This song from their album “A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me” 2016

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Song lyrics: Capsize – Favorite Secret

I see you’ve torn yourself apart again
Mayday: razor, razor blade
oh, how my heart sinks
faster and faster as the clock spins
you cross your fingers as your promise lingers
but you never ever think twice
your word was bond, now it’s worth shit
not that you ever even give a fuck

lie to me
lie about me
I’ll be your favorite secret
like when we fell in love and never told a soul

wait stop, don’t go now
there’s no chance that I’m turning around
I don’t do well with these type of moments
and I’m even worse at slowing down

I am your favorite secret
I am your darkest demon
I am your greatest weakness
I am everything you’re keeping inside

lie to me
lie about me
I’ll be your favorite secret
like when we fell in love and never told a soul

About the band:

Sending out an endless volley of rapid-fire barbed-wire guitar lines and howling, blast-furnace vocals, Capsize combine the anger and agility of punk rock with the blunt force of metal, laying out music that’s full of sound and fury. Capsize were formed in San Diego, California in 2009 by vocalist Daniel Wand and guitarist James Kenney, both of whom were veterans of the local punk scene. Teaming with guitarist Ryan Knowles, bassist Chris Callahan, and drummer Andrew Tamayo, they called their new band Capsize, and soon recorded their first demo. A handful of EPs and singles followed — including 2009’s All Aboard, 2010’s Set Sail, and 2013’s Live a Burden, Die a Curse — as well as extensive live work. In 2014, Capsize signed with the respected punk/metal label Equal Vision Records; by this time, the band’s lineup had evolved, with original members Wand, Knowles, and Tamayo joined by guitarist Chris Darton and bassist Joey Toarmina, after Kenney and Callahan left the band. In April 2014, Capsize released their Equal Vision debut, the single “I’ll Take the Blame,” and in October 2014, the band finally dropped its first full-length album, The Angst in My Veins. The album fared well in the marketplace, rising to No. 13 on the New Artists chart, and the group toured heavily in support. In addition to sharing touring bills with Senses Fail, Silverstein, Being as an Ocean, and Defeater, Capsize headlined a string of club dates, and played Europe and the UK as well as making their debut in Australia and Japan. In the summer of 2016, Capsize released their second full-length album, A Reintroduction: The Essence of All That Surrounds Me, and returned to the road, appearing as part of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour. The album also introduced another lineup change for the group, as Wand, Knowles, and Tamayo were accompanied by new guitarist Nicolas Lopez. ~ Mark Deming