Salah satu lagu yang paling keren menurut ane, Bad Art And Weirdo Ideas menjadikan band ini terlihat memiliki ‘good art’ dan ‘great idea’, yep, kebalikan dari judul tadi.

Merek memiliki imajinasi yang keren, ditulis dalam sebuah lirik dan dimainkan dengan style punk rock, excellent work! See it below.

The sound of your heart is wired to break.
Too fucked up to love, but too soft to hate.

The hum of your lungs is my favorite thing
and the air you shove out
into my mouth.

I’ve always felt stuck, alone or ashamed.
The gutter’s too tough, the stars are too safe.

I’m always that kid always out of place.
I try to get found,
but I’ve never known how.

I’m tracing the lines on your handsome face,
the scars on your arms, the shape of your veins.

We are not alone.
We are not mistakes.
Don’t whisper now.
We’re allowed to be loud.

Bad Art And Weirdo Ideas merupakan salah satu single yang ada di album baru, “The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us” (2015) yang merupakan debut album mereka, aye, band Beach Slang sebagai newcomer yang mungkin bisa menjadi band favorit kamu.

Track List album :

1. Throwaways
2. Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas
3. Noisy Heaven
4. Ride The Wild Haze
5. Too Late To Die Young
6. I Break Guitars
7. Young & Alive
8. P*rno Love
9. Hard Luck Kid
10. Dirty Lights

Anggota band : James Alex, Ed McNulty, JP Flexner, Ruben Gallego

beach slang

Asal : Philadelphia, PA

Motto : Guitar, bass and drums. Played loudly.

Selain dalam musiknya, performa panggung mereka sangat impressive, terbukti selama konser sampai tanggal 20 Februari 2016 di UK mendapat respon positif dari penonton.

I love you guys! Thanks for playing such an awesome show in Brighton (UK) and thanks to Ruben for taking the time to chat to me. It meant so so much to me I can’t even express it. Nights like that make me feel like we all matter. I tell you now…James…guys…it’s because you’re honest you have captured all our hearts. I sang with strangers like I’d never sung before. It was beautiful smile emoticon Keep on doing what you’re doing. It means everything!