UK pop punk Basement have relased music video for the single “Promise Everything” from the same name album “Promise Everything” deluxe edition 2017.

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Song lyrics: Basement – Promise Everything

Win me with a smile,
Burn me with your eyes.
Living just to please,
Turn and make me leave,

“When I’m high I’m high
When I’m low I’m low”
Hot or cold,
Its going to show.

Promise everything.
Until tomorrow comes again.

I won’t ask for love,
I know it’s there, just covered up.

“When I’m high I’m high
When I’m low I’m low”
Hot or cold,
Its going to show.

Feeling like a child
Tremble in the night.
I love you but you try,
To kill me every time.
Turn around and end as you begin.
Promise nothing.

About the band:

England’s Basement make melodic hardcore punk-influenced music that brings to mind a kind of ’90s D.I.Y. sound. Formed in Ipswich in 2010, the band features lead vocalist Andrew Fisher, guitarist Alex Henery, guitarist Ronan Crix, bassist Duncan Stewart, and drummer James Fisher. A year after getting together, they released their debut album, I Wish I Could Stay Here, on Run for Cover Records. In 2012, Basement delivered their sophomore album, Colourmeinkindness. That same year, following a tour of the United States, the bandmembers announced they were going on indefinite hiatus. Despite the inactivity, Basement’s music continued to find an audience, a fact that did not go unnoticed by the band. Subsequently, they regrouped for the well-received 2014 EP Further Sky. In 2016, Basement delivered their third full-length album, Promise Everything, on Run for Cover. In 2017, Basement announced that they had signed with the American punk label Fueled by Ramen, who issued a revamped edition of Promise Everything that included a re-recorded version of the title track. The re-release was followed by a tour of the United States. ~ Matt Collar