Previous songs of Silverstein never disappointed! In 2015, Silverstein released their new album “I Am Alive in Everything I Touch”.

The album was released on May 19, 2015 via Rise Records (worldwide) and Damage Records (Canada).

Much like the previous albums: A Shipwreck in the Sand and This is How the Wind Shift, I Am Alive in Everthing I Touch has a concept of four chapters: Borealis (northern), Austeralis (south), Zephyrus (West), and Eurus (south) ,

“We have to record all the clips of the city, a transition, and ensure the proper running concept and tells the story of a lonely feeling despite being in a crowded place”. Silverstein vocalist Shane Told said.

The song list with a new concept in the album I Am Alive in Everything I Touch

Track listing
Chapter I: Borealis
No.     Title     Writer(s)     Length
1.     “Toronto (abridged)”             0:46
2.     “A Midwestern State of Emergency”       Shane Told     3:35
3.     “Face of the Earth”       Told     3:03
Chapter II: Austeralis
No.     Title     Writer(s)     Length
4.     “Heaven, Hell and Purgatory”       Told     2:57
5.     “Buried at Sea”       Told     3:06
6.     “Late on 6th”       Told     5:05
Chapter III: Zephyrus
No.     Title     Writer(s)     Length
7.     “Milestone”       Told     3:28
8.     “The Continual Condition”       Told     3:30
9.     “Desert Nights”       Told     3:02
Chapter IV: Eurus
No.     Title     Writer(s)     Length
10.     “In the Dark”       Told     3:27
11.     “Je me Souviens”       Told     3:27
12.     “Toronto (unabridged)”       Told     5:01

Salah satu lagu yang menurut saya paling keren di album ini adalah Milestone, so check this guys