Beberapa bulan yang lalu ada rumor bahwa vokalis As I Lay Dying; Tim Lambesis telah bebas dari penjara. Dan baru-baru ini, band metalcore yang sempat meramaikan Hammersonic 2013 ini kembali aktif.

Pesan dari AILD:


“We’ve learned from a source familiar with the situation that Tim Lambesis is plotting a comeback with a return to As I Lay Dying, which would explain the cryptic ‘activity’ post back in June.

“Lambesis has not appeared publicly since his release from prison late last year.

“We’re told that the previous members of the band will not be involved in the proposed As I Lay Dying revival, and instead, new members will be in place at the time of a return. The identities of those members are not known, but we’re told that the band has new material in the works.

“It’s worth noting that Lambesis has previously stated that As I Lay Dying is ‘sleeping rather than dead’ in a blog entry posted back in 2014.”


Belum jelas kapan As I Lay Dying akan tampil perdana setelah kasus Lambesis. Namun yang pasti, salah satu band metalcore terbaik di dunia telah kembali.