A new catchy song is here!

Dutch pop punk Alive Again drop “Last Shot” music video.

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Song lyrics: Alive Again – Last Shot

coming home after all
of the things you’ve been through
there’s gotta be a way out
you just want to let go
but you don’t know how to

so i guess that we are finally done
we don’t have to pretend
that all along
i was just a lonely friend

i never thought that
i could have the last shot
but you were the one
to figure that out
and now all i see
is just another messed up kid
without a leg
to stand on anything else

spending days in the dark
in your hideout empire
many hours wasted
still you’re scared of the chance
that some things might backfire

but there has to be a way
to make up time you lost
it’s the feeling of losing
enough with the bruising
i feel like giving up
you’ve been bent but not broken

just run away
avoiding my every breath
i see that look on your face
that you’re just afraid

Alive Again is a hard working, extremely energetic poppunk band, consisting of five young guys. Within just a year of being a band they managed to play at Melkweg Amsterdam, Hedon Zwolle and got plenty of airtime on Dutch national radiostation 3FM. In 2014 two EP’s were released, Four Words and Roadtrips & Campfires, the response was overwhelmingly optimistic. Alive Again is ready to rumble, hard, really hard.

Alive Again members: Marijn, Rik, Jeroen, Stefan and Leon.