Florida – The organizers confirmed to police that a female singer named Christina Grimmie has died after she was shot by gunman.

As reported by BBC News, a man pointed the gun and shot toward Grimmie who was signing autographs, shortly after a concert in Orlando, Florida, US, 06/11/16. The gunman finally shot himself (suicide), while the 22-year-old singer had been rushed to a nearby hospital, but he died.

Local police have said that the shooting occurred at 22:45 local time at The Plaza Live. The suspect shot Grimmie when he was with the pop-rock band Before You Exit sign autographs at the request of fans.

An unidentified suspect has two pistols. Orlando Police Department spokeswoman Wanda Miglio said that Mark Grimmie (Mrs Grimmie’s brother) is a hero who saved many lives.

“.. Quickly intervening shortly tackle the suspect” said Wanda “during the struggle, he [the suspect] shot himself. he finally died at the scene.”

mark and christina grimbie

Mark and Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie is The Voice of America’s finalist in 2014, she successfully got the third rank.