The Script released 4 albums: The Script (2008), Science & Faith (2010), #3 (2012) and No Sound Without Silence (2014)

Here the Top 10 list: Best The Script songs.

10. Hall Of Fame

Piano in the beginning, violin friction, and varied songs plus artist featuring Will I.Am.

9. For The First Time

For the first time, huhuhuhuuuuu…. so enjoy

8. We Cry

Perfect instrument, a fast tone that matches the song and is stopped with the lyrics “we cry”

7. Breakeven

The clear vocalist’s voice filled the solitude of this song at the beginning of the song, breakeven …

6. Superheroes

This song like an anthem at the beginning, the theme of heroism.

5. Flares

Flare, ballad song… but good song.

4. No Good In Goodbye


3. If You Could See Me Now

Pop songs with an emotional tone, nice …

2. Before The Worst

With the fast bits, so emotional song.

1. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved

When I hear the lyrics at the beginning: “Going back to the corner where I first saw you” I’m amazed! This song is fantastic! Music, tempo and lyrics are very good. This is the numero uno as The Script’s best song – The Man Who Can not Be Moved.