California deathcore Suicide Silence started by Lucker and rhythm guitarist Chris Garza in 2002, a band which rose to fame very quickly. But, on October 31, 2012, Mitch Lucker died that day from injuries sustained after a motorbike accident at Huntington Beach, California. He was 28 years old.

mitch lucker funeral

Suicide Silence with Mitch Lucker has 3 studio albums:

suicide silence mitch lucker

  • 2007 The Cleansing Century Media
  • 2009 No Time to Bleed
  • 2011 The Black Crown

(label: Century Media)

And, they have a new vocalist: Eddie Hermida. Released one album:

new suicide silence vocalist

  • 2014 You Can’t Stop Me

(Label: Nuclear Blast)

Suicide Silence Members (present):

  • Eddie Hermida: Vocals
  • Chris Garza: Guitar
  • Mark Heylmun: Guitar
  • Alex Lopez: Drums
  • Dan Kenny: Bass

Top 10 Best Suicide Silence Songs (2002-Aug, 2016)

  1. You Only Live Once 2011
  2. Unanswered 2007
  3. You Can’t Stop Me 2014
  4. Wake Up 2009
  5. F*** Everything 2011
  6. Disengage 2009
  7. …and Then She Bled 2009
  8. Witness The Addiction 2011
  9. Don’t Die 2014
  10. The Price Of Beauty 2007

*lates news, Suicide Silence has stated that they will start to work on a new album in 2016. Just wait!