Metalcore band from Australia, Northlane have music inspires hope, dreams, and positive energy that changes people’s lives. It’s certainly changed mine.

Here the list: 10 Best Northlane Songs

  1. Quantum Fix (2013)
  2. Masquerade (2013)
  3. Rot (2015)
  4. Equinox (2016) Ft. In Hearts Wake
  5. Dream Awake (2013)
  6. Dispossession (2011)
  7. Transcending Dimension (2011)
  8. Impulse (2015)
  9. Obelisk (2015)
  10. Node (2015)

Special song



About Northlane

All change is growth. And Northlane’s monumental new album Node stands proudly as proof, because frontman Marcus Bridge, guitarists Jonathon Deiley and Josh Smith, bassist Alex Milovic and drummer Nic Pettersen have made the album Northlane always had in them, the songs they always strove for.

Node takes its cues as much from the band’s collective worldview as it does myriad artists from multiple generations. Rather than the existential examinations of their previous albums Discoveries and Singularity, the album takes a much more direct approach. It’s an album fuelled by passion and anger – passion for the world and all its wonders, and anger at what’s being done to it. Everything from the title and the lyrics to the way the band came together to produce their best record yet stands as a hymn to the simple power of human connection.

“I wrote the lyrics on this record to be as relatable as I could while still retaining the core emotion of love, which, like everything on this planet, Northlane was spawned from,” explains Smith. “We are always progressing and growing as people – the music reflects that and so do the lyrics. Discoveries was about seeing your world and who you are with open eyes; Singularity was about realising your potential. And Node is about being the change you want to see in the world and acting on that potential. There’s many things on this Earth that I don’t agree with, that sadden me, that I feel powerless to change. But a spark can start a fire. The power for change rests upon the shoulders of the individual.”

The journey to Node, eventually recorded by long-time collaborator Will Putney, was anything but smooth. Second album Singularity was nominated for awards, critically adored worldwide and triggered an epic tour that comprised three full laps of the globe. And two years ago, Northlane were sitting on a trove of riffs that they thought would form the backbone of their third album, but as 2014 was born, then-vocalist Adrian Fitipaldes departed for health reasons after 18 months on the road leaving a question mark hanging over their future. But from this unrest came something wholly new – after answering an open audition call alongside over 2,000 other hopefuls from around the world, Sydney’s Marcus Bridge emerged as the new frontman, the band wrote, recorded and released the stunning Rot in a few days. Bridge then underwent a baptism of fire, as Northlane supported Parkway Drive for 21 shows in 21 days around Europe before spending six weeks on the road in North America supporting August Burns Red.

Of his new bandmate, Smith is effusive. “Marcus has worked beyond what I thought was human to get to the point where he is now,” he says. “He slotted into this band effortlessly and I’m proud to call him one of my closest friends. He’s become the perfect voice for our outspoken ideals.”

Bridge joining opened a wormhole for Northlane. His work ethic, his prodigious talent and phenomenal range allowed primary songwriter Deiley more freedom than ever before, which is why Node sounds like the work of a band reborn, and tracks such as the title track and the wonderfully expansive Weightless soar as they do.

Buoyed by these new possibilities, to write this album the guitarist sat down at the same time every day for months, carving out a new portfolio of songs everywhere from a frozen tour bus in the Midwest United States to a soggy Manchester and sunbaked New South Wales, and everywhere in between. And when presented with these songs, the creative core of Northlane were able to take these ideas far beyond the exosphere, such is their almost telepathic relationship honed through years of collaboration.

“Jon tore himself inside out to create the greatest piece of art he’s constructed to date,” says Smith. “I couldn’t be more proud of him and what he’s selflessly contributed to what we are. He’s innovated and outdone himself yet again, and seamlessly blended decade-old artistic influences which shaped him as a person into his most breathtaking tapestry yet.”

And the final result is an album that says loudly that there is always more to be done, but if we reach out we can achieve the impossible. And if we can make a change, everything beautiful will grow.


[written by Josh November 11, 2016]

Today is quite a milestone for Northlane, it is exactly 5 years since our debut record Discoveries came out. I remember what it was like for us back then, sleeping on floors, touring in our tiny little van around every town in the country and sending out endless demos to record labels in the hope somebody would pay attention to us. We lost our day jobs, a few relationships and alternative career options in the process. We paid for the recording ourselves out of what savings we had left in the hope we could shop it to labels. Eventually somebody believed in us and everything changed.

We signed to UNFD and brought out the album soon after. Within two years we’d made a name for ourselves in Europe, the UK, Canada and the United States. Not long after we started paying ourselves a wage, however paltry it was. Even that record cycle feels like forever ago but it made us who we are today, made us appreciate every morsel of success we’ve had since and even more so the hardship that came before it.

In the last 5 years we’ve had immense ups and downs as a band, in some cases pushed on where most would have quit but it’s never felt more worth it than now. We’ve just finished writing our fourth record and we couldn’t be more proud of what we’ve achieved. We think it’s our best to date and encompasses all we are and ever have been as a band. We can’t wait to share it with you next year.
There’s a message behind all of this, follow your dreams and don’t give up on them no matter what because I promise you, it will always be worth it.
– Josh