Bulan lalu, Ryan key menuliskan lewat akun twitternya ketika menggarap lagu terakhir untuk album baru.

Just shut down the rig after sending off the last song for mixing. Had a moment. Crazy to know another record is on the books. #YC8

yellocard tracklist 2016

Namum saat ini (7/6), belum diketahui judul untuk album ke-8 Yellowcard. Tapi, untuk tracklisting nya sudah ada.

Tracklist :

  • Rest In Peace
  • Empty Street
  • Got Yours
  • A Place We Set Afire
  • Leave A Light On
  • The Hurt Is Gone
  • What Appears
  • I’m A Wrecking Ball
  • Savior’s Robes
  • Fields & Fences

Update : album title “Yellowcard” (self-titled)