Gay Seems to Be a Hobbie now days.

This song was written with hopefulness for Human Rights and EQUALITY for the world we live in and all the worlds after. We’ve decided to release it today specifically in support of Gay Pride month and dedicate it to all those who were effected by the tragedy that happened at Pulse Nightclub just a few miles away from where I live in Orlando, Florida. No one ever deserves to be treated unfair, disrespectful, or without love. Let’s all accept each other as brothers and sisters and not forget that we are all EQUAL and deserve nothing but love and kindness. I hope this song can help everyone in need of a friend and an ally. Let’s not be just United within our countries, but let’s be a United World. We really like the idea of just releasing music randomly, especially if it’s something that truly means so much to us. We love you all and appreciate all the love and support you’ve shown us over the years, it’s time to give that same love and support to every soul on this earth. -Travis